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My name is Ginny Stasinski, MS, NBC-HWC

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My purpose is to help women reclaim their joy and confidence after a cancer diagnosis.

My Story

A Passion for Wellness

Thank you for being here. I appreciate your consideration in choosing me as your health coach partner as you traverse your own cancer journey.


After receiving my own diagnosis of breast cancer twice twelve years apart, I created my 'live' motto. I thought about how I wanted to be remembered in the possible scenario that might include my death. Thus, the name of my business, Live Brilliant, came to be. I chose the sunflower as the business logo as sunflowers are a symbol of strength, power, and positivity. Sunflowers are nourishing, brighten moods, provide good luck, and lasting happiness. They turn towards the sun to shine a light through the dark days. And, this embodied my live brilliant motto - powerful, strong, positive, and looking for ways to shine a light on my darkness. If you're looking for the light along your cancer recovery journey, I am here to offer support and guidance.


A diagnosis of cancer can be scary, overwhelming, and may leave you feeling helpless and like life is on hold. By partnering with me as your health coach, we create a path forward paved with courage, curiosity, strength, and authenticity. My purpose is to help women reclaim their joy and confidence after a cancer diagnosis, so that they feel empowered to create their optimal well-being. You can recover your confidence, hope, power, and happiness to create a lifestyle filled with joy and holistic, nourishing behaviors. One of these activities that I love is yoga, which can be a powerful practice of mindfulness! I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and I am always eager to help guide others through learning it. 


To share my guidance with others, I co-host the Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery Program and Retreat. This group program for cancer survivors provides the opportunity to connect with others for support while learning to embrace mindful practices. You can also attend this program on our Retreat, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lush, tropical paradise where you can create lasting friendships.

You can also explore several other coaching programs that I offer for cancer survivors here.

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