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Coaching Programs

Live Brilliant Coaching offers three programs with varying degrees of support and one-on-one coaching sessions. Your journey into health and wellness coaching will be unlike any other professional service you received thus far. You will find that I don’t prescribe, coax, demand, or direct you on a particular path. Instead, you get to create your optimal wellbeing, uncover your hidden power, establish a wellness vision, broaden your perspectives, and have some fun as you lean into your greatness after a female cancer diagnosis.  I firmly believe in the benefit of health coaching and want all that seek health/wellness coaching programs to be able to participate. Those unable to pay the full fee can take advantage of the sliding scale fee.



This is the basic 1-month coaching package with up to four individualized coaching sessions and designed for women with established supportive lifestyle behaviors. You want coaching to finetune your lifestyle or work through barriers.

This program might be for you if:

•You are ready to create self-determined goals

•You are living life fully and are bumping up against barriers

•You want to develop a stress management plan

Like the sunflower, you have bloomed! You are bold and radiant. At this time, you just need to finetune your lifestyle behaviors to set you up for optimal wellness.

Price: $725.00

Image by kilarov zaneit


This program might be for you if you find yourself struggling to develop positive lifestyle behaviors after a cancer diagnosis. This is a 3-month program with up to 12 one on one individualized coaching sessions.

This program might be for you if:

•You are ready to develop goals

•You need help identifying and working through barriers

•You are ready to embrace your inner power

•You are ready to change and create sustainable lifestyle behaviors

•Clients are encouraged to communicate with coach between coaching sessions via email 


The sunflower taproots are a strong foundation as it searches for nutrients and supports the weight. This package is reminiscent of the taproots as clients unearth nourishing life giving behaviors and develop a sturdy foundation of wellness.

Price: $1,625.00



This is the ultimate 6-month coaching program designed for women feeling anxious about life after cancer.

This program offers up to 24 one on one personalized coaching sessions.

This program might be for you if:

•You aren't sure about goal setting​

•Your barriers seem insurmountable

•Your confidence has wilted

•You struggle with your mind wandering

•You feel the need for extra support by having the coach check in with you during the week

•Clients are encouraged to communicate with coach between sessions AND

coach will also reach out to client in between sessions


Like the sunflower seeds, you strive to bloom and need lots of nourishment. Similar to seeds, this coaching program offers nourishment so you can ultimately thrive after cancer.

Price: $2,850.00


No available programs
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