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Mindfulness Practice While Trekking Through Cancer Land - Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery Program MCR

I started using the word ‘trek’ when referring to what people diagnosed with cancer go through. Compared to a journey, a trek seems indicative of all of the ups and downs, twists and turns that you can experience. From the start of your diagnosis, through treatment and eventual follow-up, navigating life with cancer can feel like facing truly difficult terrain.

It’s on these sort of rough paths that mindfulness practices are such a powerful and empowering resource.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, you’re currently undergoing treatment, or if you’ve been striving to settle your mind in recovery, I am here to help. As a two-time cancer survivor, I experienced an incredible range of emotions, sometimes within minutes! I remember one such episode with my husband. I had just finished treatment and we were home on the couch. I previously told him I would make cookies, but I forgot. A couple of hours later, I remembered and started crying, because I forgot to make cookies. He didn’t care and graciously offered to make the cookies. I started laughing, but then within minutes, crying again, over cookies. In reality, it had nothing to do with cookies. That’s just one story of how emotions can be all over the place after diagnosis. But, we have a tool to help us stay in the present moment and not get caught in a ravine by our emotions or thoughts! One that is easy to implement and we always have available!

Your thoughts and emotions may leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or fearful and just trying to survive. My passion is to share the mindfulness practices that have helped me find a way to thrive again.

That's why I host a group program with my friend and fellow thriver, Leona Downey, MD, E-RYT for other cancer survivors. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring others connection, support, and teach them ways to heal mindfully.

Leona and I are certified facilitators of the Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery (MCR) program who have both experienced the positive impact mindfulness can make. It was initially developed by doctors Carlson and Speca, who have studied it for over 20 years. This program is an evidence-based approach to helping people with cancer find benefits in mindful practices, including stress reduction, a stronger immune system, clarity, a sense of peace, and more. If you’re looking for a way to quiet mind chatter and settle your emotions, we’re here for you.

The Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery (MCR) program is designed to give you support through your cancer trek. This 9-week group program includes weekly Zoom classes, as well as a workbook, videos, and recordings to help you along your path. These sessions are designed to encourage reflection, education, and mindful practices, such as yoga and meditation. Altogether, this program is here to help you in creating a unique mindfulness practice that you can carry with you and benefit from whenever you want. The supportive group atmosphere can also help you create friendships and find community to lend you strength and stability through your cancer recovery.

If you're a cancer survivor and you'd like to reclaim your confidence, joy, and sense of peace, then I'd be honored to be your guide. I am here to help you heal mindfully! You're welcome to join our MCR program at any point in your cancer recovery trek.

Our next Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery group program is set to begin on October 9th. If you’re ready to make a meaningful change in your mindset, then you can discover more here:

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